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LOTS OF NEWS IN THIS ISSUE OF THE COMMISH' BLOG: Raffle News, Injury Report, Jesse Jones and Uniforms, Stealth Fundraising event.

April 2, 2013

Hello Stanwood Lacrosse Players and Parents,

I just wanted to give you some great news about our uniform issues. I received our original uniforms, yes the ones that I believed were lost forever, last Friday. They are all here and I have already started to distribute them. Thanks to Jesse Jones, Teamwork Athletic decided to release our uniforms to us and go after All Star Customs for the payment. They were out money either way, but they went over and above by shipping us the uniforms via next day air.

That means that we are only out the money for the new Varsity uniforms and some small printing fees. It's a lot better than footing the $3200 bill that was coming to replace the rest of the uniforms. This frees up some valuable funds that will allow us to start purchasing items that will help us improve our program. I would like to thank everyone for their patience during this problematic time and thanks to all of you for your fundraising efforts.

We are coming to the end of our raffle fundraiser and we only have 6 days left to sell tickets. We need all tickets (sold or not) turned into your coach/team mom by the end of practice on 4/8/13. This will allow me to figure out who needs incentives (shirts and coats) and get them ordered. If you have not received a shirt yet (and submitted at least 2 books of tickets), please send me an email with your shirt size (AXXS-A4XL). The race for the top ticket seller is still too close to call. We have a few players who are sitting around 8 books sold (which is still within reach for anyone). If you need additional ticket books please see your coach/team mom or contact me.

Published 4/2/13

As for fundraising, we have another opportunity that Gib scheduled last year. We have an upcoming Washington Stealth game that we have been scheduled to sell Launch-a-ball's for. The game is on 4/20/13, which is their last regular season game. They will also be giving away a car at the game, so the turnout should be pretty good. If you have not been to a game yet, they are great and the fundraising portion of the game is usually finished by the middle of the first quarter.

How it works is that we get into the building before the game and sell tennis balls to fans. When the tennis balls are gone, we are done and can just watch the game. At half time, the fans throw the balls onto the field, trying to be the closest to the middle of the field. The closest ball wins. We will also have our player on the field at half time to help clean up the tennis balls. The only issue with this fundraiser is that we must purchase 100 tickets to the game, to ensure we will have enough help during the event. We will announce the ticket sales through our website www.stanwoodlacrosse.com this week, so please stay tuned.

Finally, the Varsity had a great win against Everett (who was a pre-season pick to win the Cascade division), but suffered a great loss when their senior defender, Weston had a season-ending injury during practice. They quickly bounced back to beat the Skagit Flyers. We all hope Weston gets better soon and can get back to the game he loves.

That's it for now.

Mike Woodruff