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Hello Stanwood Lacrosse Players and Parents,

I would like to thank you all for your hard work on our raffle fundraiser. With your help, the program sold about 2500 tickets and took in about $12,500. This was our most successful fundraiser that I have been a part of. While we had a few players go over and above in ticket sales, this was truly a program wide success, with well over half the players in the program selling 20 tickets or more. To top that, we had 34 players (about 25% of the program) that sold over 40 tickets. Finally, we had four players that sold 60 tickets or more, with one player selling 140 tickets.

This success was spread across the different age groups as well with the 5/6 teams selling the most tickets per player, followed very closely by the 3/4 boy's team, the 3/4 girl's team, the 7/8 teams, and finally varsity. The players that earned incentive shirts and jackets will likely be getting them sometime next week. After getting the incentives for the players, we have enough money to compensate for the uniform losses, and pay for some of the vital equipment that the program needed to start the season. At the beginning of the season, the board used money from the savings account to supply the program with 12 defensive sticks and four sets of goalie gear. With this fundraiser, we can repay that account and turn our sites on some needed safety equipment for our program. Once again, thank you.

As for the raffle, we drew the winning raffle tickets yesterday during halftime of a very entertaining, and successful varsity game. The winners will be notified today and tomorrow. The winning tickets are as follows:

Grand Prize (BC Ski Area Lodging): Ken Axelson #2893

2nd Prize ($500 QFC/Kroger Gift Card): John Audlow #3912

3rd Prize (Painting by Diane Hill): Shepler (Alex's Family I believe) #0636

4th Prize (Welding Helmet): Josh Houston (Jackson's Family I believe) #0735

5th Prize (Del Fox Steak Pack): Georgie Myrick #0437

6th Prize (Del Fox Lunch for 2): Stephanie Blackwell #2590 (Chris's mom who was present to receive prize)

7th Prize (The Groom Room $50 Gift Certificate-Pet Grooming): Thomas Ferguson #4952

8th Prize (The Groom Room $50 Gift Certificate-Pet Grooming): Dennis Strong #0347

9th Prize (The Groom Room $50 Gift Certificate-Pet Grooming): Dawn Archer? #1577

10th Prize (The Groom Room $50 Gift Certificate-Pet Grooming): Kyle Wilbanks #0934

11th Prize (The Groom Room $50 Gift Certificate-Pet Grooming): Denise Hall #1567

As for the player drawing, we will be holding that this weekend (04/20/13) between the 5/6 Black Game and the 5/6 Red Game at around 12:45 PM. Your player will have one ticket entered per complete book of tickets (10 tickets) sold. That means, if you sold one book, you get one ticket entered, and if you sold seven books, you get seven tickets entered. My hope is that we have some good weather and everyone can stick around to watch some lacrosse from different age groups.

I think that's it. I will see you all this weekend for a great series of games. We have some good clubs coming to Stanwood and all games should be pretty competitive.