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March 8, 2013

Hello Players and Parents,

I just wanted to follow up quickly about the uniform issues we have been having. The board has been working hard to resolve the uniform issues and is happy to report that All Star Custom Screen Printing is back in contact with us. The uniforms should be shipped out on 3/12/13 and will hopefully be here before the games that weekend. We have also worked out a temporary uniform for the varsity team (who has a much stricter uniform standard then the youth).

At this time, we are working with a different vendor to get incentive shirts started (they should be ordered by Monday) and the girls uniforms. Next I will be working on the incentive coats. Sorry for the slowdown on these but I wanted to make sure we get them. I hope we can put this issue behind us and move on with the rest of the season. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience.

The Fundraising Raffle is in full swing, although I may have to come up with a different prize for the top seller. For those who have sold two books of tickets, great work, and for those who have sold four books, that's outstanding. Please remember, you don't have to stop at 2-4 books of raffle tickets. For each book of raffle tickets you sell, you will receive a ticket that is entered into a players drawing. In that drawing will be things like a helmet, stick, and gear bag. And don't forget about the t-shirt and coat incentives. What a great way to help the program out and score some cool gear while you are at it. We are the least expensive lacrosse program around for a reason. It's because of fundraisers like this that we are able to keep the costs lower than everyone else. The deadline to turn in raffle tickets is 4/8/13, so get with your team moms or coach to get more raffle books.

Our next sets of home games are tomorrow and once again we will be playing at Heritage Park (due to the field conditions at SMS). They will start with the 3/4 at 10:00am, the 5/6 black at 11:30am, 5/6 Red at 1:00pm and the 7/8 B at 2:30pm. The 7/8 A game is at Mukilteo at 12:00pm.

I encourage you all to come out and watch some of the other games. I watched them all and I was very impressed with the players and the level of play out of all divisions. How can you go wrong with every game played last weekend being decided by 2 points or less (and one overtime game). Snohomish is a well established club and should provide some very closely matched games. It should be a lot of fun to watch.

I will see you all out there tomorrow.

Mike Woodruff