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Hi parents,

The board met last night and here is an update of news for Stanwood Lacrosse:

5/6 Girls.  Due to low enrollment, the board decided to close registration and not field a team this year for girls at this age group.

7/8 Boys.  Enrollment is reaching a tricky middle ground where there are not enough players to field two teams yet, but too many for one team. 7/8 players who have not registered should do so soon so we can decide how to address this; payment is not required initially.

Boys uniforms. The Brine Fury uniform (red with white) has been selected as the new uniform for the boys program. All HS varsity players (and HS JV players who think they may play HS varsity at any point this year) must acquire this uniform. We had to select a new uniform because last year's uniform is not in compliance with high school requirements. HS varsity players will have to purchase white jerseys part way into the season because we expect to make the playoffs and there will not be enough time to order white jerseys if needed.

Other boys teams (JV, 78, 56, and 34) may wear one of three uniforms:  2012 (most common), 2013 (varsity's uniform last year), or 2014 (the new uniform). Boys K2 will likely have pinneys.

Adult size jerseys are $38 and shorts are $28.
Youth size jerseys are $33 and shorts are $27.
(Old style shorts do not look good with new style jerseys.)
Families can pay by check or credit card (with service fee).

I have a few 2012 and 2013 uniforms for $10 each item, but most of them are Adult Large or Medium sizes and there is no guarantee they can be used next year.

Players can meet me at Heritage during 56 practice beginning at 2pm on Sat 2/1 to try on sample uniforms and order their size. This may be the only group fitting and the deadline for youth uniforms will be Mon 2/3.

Our goal is to reduce the financial impact of uniforms on families each year, but despite our best efforts this may not appear to be the case. Please contact me, a board member, or your head coach with any questions.

Thank you,
Ben H
Stanwood Lacrosse